This directory contains an extensive list of recyclers operating in Maryland. The companies listed have provided their information to in order to make it easier for your business to recycle. We make no representation as to the quality or nature of services provided. Please contact the company directly to confirm their information before delivering materials to them. Your participation will go a long way towards making Maryland a leader in recycling efforts.


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Fluorescent Lamps

AERC Recycling Solutions (Allentown, PA)
2591 Mitchell Avenue
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (610) 797-7608
Fax: (610) 797-0938
Processor. Fluorescent & mercury containing lamps, ballasts, batteries, mercury containing material and electronics. Provide pick-up service for businesses only. Also accept drop-off from businesses or residents. MAP LINK
AERC Recycling Solutions (Richmond)
3301 Rosedale Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: (804) 550-1762
Processor Fluorescent & mercury containing lamps, ballasts, batteries, mercury containing material and electronics. Provide pick-up service for businesses only. Also accept drop-off from businesses or residents. MAP LINK
AERC Recycling Solutions (West Melbourne, FL)
4317-J Fortune Drive
West Melbourne, FL 32904
Phone: (321) 952-1516
Fax: (321) 952-1060
Processor. Fluorescent & mercury containing lamps, ballasts, batteries, mercury containing material, and electronics. Provide pick-up service for businesses only. Also accept drop-off from businesses or residents. MAP LINK
Air Cycle Corporation
2200 Ogden Avenue, Suite 100
Lisle, IL 60532
Phone: (800) 909-9709 (toll-free)
Fax: (866) 909-6725
Recycling broker, equipment manufacturer. Batteries, Dental Mercury, Fluorescent Lamps, Electronics, Mercury Thermometers. The Bulb Eater crushes lamps and removes mercury. EasyPak containers can be filled with waste and mailed to Air Cycle. MAP LINK
Batteries & Bulbs
29 East Padonia Road
Timonium, MD 21093
Phone: (410) 628-7999
Fax: (410) 346-5255
Light Bulb and Battery Supplier. Materials are collected and recycled through an EPA licensed vendor. Any battery, any light bulb! They sell any light bulb type including: LED, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, CFL, & all other light bulbs. They also have full line of ballasts! They sell any battery type including: emergency light, fire alarm panel, scrubber/sweeper, car/truck/auto, cell phone, laptop, two-way radio, cordless tool, security panel, lawn& garden, industrial, medical device, UPS backup, wheelchair & custom rebuilds. Fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent bulbs, HID bulbs (sodium, mercury vapor and metal halide), projector lamps, ballasts, and batteries of almost every type. Fluorescent lamps need to be boxed & taped. Batteries must be separated by chemistry. They accept from any business or individual. Materials can be dropped off or pick-up is available. There is no minimum or maximum. MAP LINK
Bethlehem Apparatus Company
890 Front Street
P O Box Y
Hellerton, PA 18055
Phone: (610) 838-7034
Fax: (610) 838-6333
Processor Fluorescent Lamps, Quartz & HID Lamps, Mercury Contaminated Devices, On-site Mercury Distillation They can provide shipping boxes for small amounts of mercury & mercury contaminated devices. There is a fee for this service. MAP LINK
Broadview Waste Services (BWS Inc.)
7610 Energy Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21226
Phone: (410) 437-6590 or 800-660-6581
Fax: (410) 437-6590
Contact: Tim Pickering
Regulated Waste Treatment, Transfer & Storage. Processor - Recovered Metals & Plastics. Batteries, Dental Mercury, Electronics, Fluorescent Lamps, PCB Ballasts, Motor Oil & Anti-freeze, Mercury Thermometers, Paper & Paper Shredding. Pick-up or Deliveries accepted. No radioactive waste accepted. Materials should arrive in DOT certified containers, but if not we will provide. Permitted to handle medical & hazardous wastes. MAP LINK
243 Stafford Street
Worcester, MA 1608
Phone: (888) 455-2800
Fax: (508) 363-2900
Processor Fluorescent lamps, HID Lamps, Ballasts, recycling of lamps and some fixtures. Call the customer service number at left to order a shipping package that includes a box, a poly bag liner, a FedEx Ground shipping label and two warning/instruction labels that you will apply to the return carton. MAP LINK
C.N. Robinson Lighting
4318 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone: (410) 242-4172
Fax: (410) 644-8827
Lighting Supply Company. Fluorescent & HID Lamps, Ballast, Batteries and electronic office equipment . Materials are accepted from any commercial generator. Materials arrive via CNR trucks or customer drop-off. MAP LINK
Clean Venture, Inc.
2931 Whittington Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: (410) 368-9170
Fax: (410) 368-9171
Contact: Dave Roesler
Environmental contractor. Roll-off boxes are rented out. Hazardous & non-hazardous materials, batteries, all mercury, motor oil, antifreeze, fluorescent lights. All material is picked up by Clean Venture. Materials accepted from businesses, government. 24-hour emergency spill response. Vacuum and vactor truck services. MAP LINK
Commercial Retrofitters & Recyclers
15031-A Marlboro Pike
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone: (301) 358-6324
Fax: (240) 339-1165
Retrofitting & Recycling Company Fluorescent Lamps, Ballasts, Batteries, Computers and E-Scrap. Materials must come from customers with signed bids from them and must be in approved boxes or drums. All must be taped or sealed. Delivery address is: 15031-A Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. Materials can be delivered or picked-up. MAP LINK
Envirolight and Disposal Inc.
3200 44th Avenue N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33714
Phone: (727) 526-8870
Fax: (727) 526-5561
Fluorescent Lamps, Mercury Contaminated Devices, Ballasts, Batteries, Cathode Ray Tubes, all Electronics Preferred method of business is the pick-up service, which is available in the MD area. Also, have a mail-in program for Universal Waste (fluorescent lamps). After making initial contact with Envirolight, they will send you a container to ship them universal waste. MAP LINK
Everlights, Inc.
8027 N. Lawndale Avenue
Skokie, IL 60076
Phone: (773) 734-9873
Fax: (773) 734-9874
Fluorescent Lamps, HID Lamps, Ballasts, Batteries, Computers, Transformers, Mercury, Electronic Waste Additional fee for mercury recycling. MAP LINK
Geller Lighting Supply, Inc.
3720 Commerce Drive
Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone: (410) 247-3636
Fax: (410) 247-8329
Fluorescent tubes, Compact Fluorescent bulbs, HID bulbs (Sodium, Mercury vapor and metal halide), PCB and non-PCB Ballasts and many battery types Company will pick-up light bulbs, ballasts and batteries to be recycled in approved containers. MAP LINK
Green Lights Recycling, Inc.
10040 Davenport Street NE
Blaine, MN 55449-4423
Phone: (763) 785-0456
Fax: (763) 785-0453
Contact: Dale Boerjan
Since September of 1995, Green Lights Recycling, Inc (GLR) has been providing recycling services throughout The Continental United Sates, Alaska and Hawaii for its customers. Fluorescent Lamps, HID and Mercury Lamps, PCB/Non-PCB Ballasts, Computers and Electronics, Batteries, Mercury and Mercury Devices, and White Goods. Now offer on-site hard drive destruction. MAP LINK
RelampIt (Project Lamp Recycling)
120 Wilbur Place, Suite C
Bohemia, NY 11716
Phone: (631) 244-0051 ext. 104
Fax: (631) 244-0053
Lamp Remanufacturing, Lamp Recycling Center. Projector Lamps/Bulbs. PLS will recycle all projector bulbs and cages, free of charge. Will accept any amount of Digital or LCD audio visual projector lamps and rear projection TV bulbs for bulb recycling. Mail your spent projector bulb(s) to PLS or contact a sales representative. If you wish to recycle your bulb, you must complete a Recycling Service Request (form can be found on their website). If you wish to re-lamp a bulb, you must complete a Relamping Order Form, which can be found on their website. For additional info. please visit MAP LINK
Safety Kleen Corporation (Baltimore)
1448 Desoto Road
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: (410) 525-0001
Contact: Tom Hughes, Manager
Service, Recycled Oil, Recycled Mercury. Fluorescent Light Tubes, Mercury Contaminated Devices, Used Motor Oil, Used Antifreeze, Waste Oils, Dental Mercury, Paint Waste, X-Ray Film They provide on-call pickup service. They provide boxes for about 40 fluorescent light tubes & pick them up when they are full. They also provide mailing boxes for mercury switches. MAP LINK
SAMR, Inc.
1950 Rutgers University Boulevard
Lakewood, NJ 8701
Phone: (866) 509-7267
Contact: Michael Defortuna
Quick and reliable pickup services, computer recycling, electronics recycling, data destruction, battery recycling. They can recycling anything w/a plug and will provide certificates of recycling for each job. Any item with a plug is accepted. Computers, servers, printers, monitors, TVs, laptops, audio visual equipment, network equipment, white goods. SAMR is a premier single-source recycling company with 15+ yrs. of experience in the electronics & computer recycling industry that provides solutions for towns, businesses, schools, hospitals & govt. entities. They are R2 certified and carry all necessary licensing & permits. MAP LINK
Southeast Recycling Technologies, Inc.
906 Chase Drive
Johnson City, TN 37604
Phone: (800) 592-3970 or (423) 282-2022
Fax: (423) 282-5151
Recycled Glass, Metals, Distilled Mercury. Fluorescent Light Tubes and Ballasts (PCB & Non-PC Band DEHP), Batteries, Cathode Ray Tubes, Computers, Mercury Containing Devices. Website: They provide pick-up service. MAP LINK
Universal Recycling Technologies
2535 Beloit Avenue
Janesville, WI 53546
Phone: (877) 278-0799
Recycle computers and other electronic equipment down to its component parts including the regeneration of the cathode ray tube (CRT) into new CRT glass. Computers, CRTs, televisions, printers, fax machines, copiers, cell phones and most electronic equipment; Fluorescent Lamps; Batteries; Mercury-containing devices They provide pick-up service for a fee (minimum amount of one pallet). Accept from business and residential customers. MAP LINK
US Ecology
1321 Joh Avenue
Halethorpe, MD 21227
Phone: (443) 304-3050
Fax: (410) 242-6375
Environmental Contractor / Recycler. Hazardous & non-hazardous materials, lab packs, universal waste, mercury, oil, antifreeze, fluorescent lights. Vacuum/Tanker Services. Roll-off boxes, drums, trucks. MAP LINK
Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC (Electronic Recycling Division)
90 Pleasant Street
West Bridgewater, MA 2379
Phone: (774) 296-6030
Contact: Paul Conca
Environmental Contractor, Recycling Services, Logistics & Transporation Provider. Universal waste, fluorescent light tubes, HID lamps, PCB & non-PCB ballasts, dental amalgam mercury, mercury switches, mercury contaminated devices,mercury thermometers, batteries with varied chemistry, electronic waste. Hazardous materials and oils of any kind are not accepted. They provide transportation & logistics with their own fleet as well as third party carrier, and can provide DOT approved packaging materials. They also offer a mail-back recycling program. Materials accepted from all types of commercial generators, governmental agencies & private industry. MAP LINK